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Thread: Need a new pressure relieving mattress?

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    I have purchased from this company in the past. I think they have a item price calculator on the page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff B
    I have been using one of these for years, set to alternate 30 degrees left or right every 15 mins. I am not very boney when laying down though:

    These small cooling fan in it gets noisy quickly after purchase but does not affect performance.

    Also comes in a full, queen or king size:

    Trial first to see if your tailbone can handle it though.

    I also protect my feet and heels by using the same company's original cradle boots:
    These beds, as explained by an OT, aren't as relieveing due to the chamber orientation.

    But they are cheaper than a low-loss type.. Thank my lucky stars canadian gov't paid 7K of it.

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    Pressure reduction

    Hi, Tiff: in Wisconsin sells memory foam bed pads of all sizes for $80 and machine washable 1-inch-high wool pad that covers the whole bed for $120 to $180, depending on the size of the bed.

    I use a 3-inch memory foam pad topped by the wool pad on top of a regular mattress. Haven't had a sore in five years. I turn myself one to four times a night, depending on how well I sleep. Four or more turns = insomnia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania
    "O Face"...LOL. God how I love Office Space. How much did your bed cost?
    Bed $2500..."O" face Priceless LOL!
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    it seems i'll need some more $ before buying a bed that'll actually be beneficial. hrm.
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    Tiff, I bought a three piece/layer memory bed from cloud 9 off ebay.

    With shipping, $350. It even came with two top layers, one firmer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania
    it seems i'll need some more $ before buying a bed that'll actually be beneficial. hrm.

    When you make it out to Southern CA I'll let you try it out.

    Danny M.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania
    do you think a full tempurpedic mattress will sit-up ok on my comfortmatic boxspring though??
    assuming that the comfotmatic boxspring is adjustable, the only thing you would want to double check is that there is some sort of bar/stop at the foot of your bed to keep the top mattress from sliding off when you adjust the bed. Tempurpedic actually sells an adjustable base for their mattresses as well, AND if you get a knowledgable sales-person in a bed store...They'll give you lotsa nifty info, LIKE...There are 3 manufacturers for adjustable bases and all the mattress companies get them from one of those 3...soooooo, it doeesn't matter WHO'S base you are using, as long as you are comfy and can use the control...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patonb
    Thank my lucky stars canadian gov't paid 7K of it.

    How'd you make that happen??

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