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Thread: Need a new pressure relieving mattress?

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    Need a new pressure relieving mattress?

    Any suggestions? i need a full & something quiet.
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    alternating or static?

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    There is no such thing as a pressure relieving mattress. There are pressure reducing mattresses. Even a Clinitron generates skin interface pressures. The only way to relieve pressure is for you to levitate off the bed...and we haven't figured out how to do that on Earth yet.

    Do you turn yourself? Do you need to do ADLs in bed (dressing, etc.). Do you have now or have you had pressure ulcers? Do you have frequent power outages at home? All of these are factors in selection of the right mattress.

    If you don't need something really high tech, or a turning mattress, then you may be able to use something like a memory (viscoelastic) foam or Select Comfort-type air adjustable mattress.


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    no, no...dont turn. something static would be best though, as i can only sleep on my back and have a comfortmatic bed. any bulky mattress doesnt work well on the boxspring.

    my tailbone is hyperextended outwards and causes me to get a scab/burn on it. its not a pressure sore. i guess im curious as to the types of mattresses everyone here uses.
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    Have you considered a Roho mattress?

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    find a tempurpedic mattress and lay on it. You will have found your solution.
    I use a knock off I got from ebay. Best sleep I had since injury. Been on it 3 years now. I had a Sealy Posturepedic before and after for a few years. But this sleeps better and is softer on the pressure points. I get NO red spots anywhere.
    Whatever you try, take a mirror and check that spot after you have laid on it a while to be certain, if possible.

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    can you get king/ queen overlays in temperpedic guys rep
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    I use a low air loss mattress. Its a Triline but there has to be a better manufacturer. There is not much difference in hardness from the 1 to the 10 setting. I am a C5/6 and can not change positions in bed. I sleep on my back and stay by myself at night.
    I do have a 6 function hospital bed that makes all the difference. Mainly it has the ability to tilt from back to front and front to back approximately 30 degrees. This gives me a chance to change into a lot of positions, and get the pressure of my butt.
    Good luck, MAC

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    I use a ComfortAir matress with head and foot tilt function. I love it! I sleep on my back with no pressure sore issues what so ever...even pumped up to max pressure. Oh, it vibrates too just like a cheezy motel bed...can't wait to show it off when I see the 'O' face.
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    You have less options with overlays and larger-than-twin/hospital bed sizes. Another consideration with overlays is that they make the bed surface higher for transfers, and can lead to falls if you are not careful.

    Options for an overlay include:
    • Viscoelastic (memory) foam mattress or overlay (at least 3"). Some find these too hot, or hard to move on, but others swear by them. TempurPedic is a brand. You can get a lot cheaper (they jack up the price because of all the advertising they do).
    • Good quality foam overlay of at leat 3-4" (not blue eggcrate, which is worthless except for comfort). The Biogard AFT and Geomat are two good ones. Need to be replaced at least every 6 months.
    • Inexpensive static airfilled overlays such as the Gaymar Softcare.
    • Higher tech (and much more expensive) static airfilled overlays such as a Roho 3 part overlay.
    • Alternating air pressure pads (generally ineffective for pressure reduction) although some have had success with the Volkner's. We had nothing but technical problems, frequent breakdowns, and expensive repairs with these so we stopped using them.

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