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Thread: Any suggestions? Help!

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    Any suggestions? Help!

    My friend's son is 17 yo. C2. UTI apon UTI, and now, some problem with his throat/nose. It started a couple of weeks ago with throat pain, ENT did scope, nothing found. This past week he's had much pain at nose/mouth area, then his tongue went numb. Back on feeding through tube, as he can't eat. Sometimes can't even open his mouth. Went to ER, and aside from the UTI, cannot figure what's going on. He is so sick and the family just doesn't know what to do for him.
    Anyone ever hear of anything like this?Any ideas?
    Thank You,
    Cathy J

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    Was he taking antibiotics for the UTI? Could it be something as simple as a yeast infection in his mouth? Maybe the ENT was 'looking for zebras' when there were just horses!

    The only other thing I'd suggest is to get him to a major trauma center ER - is he in Jersey? Or have them call his physiatrist for suggestions.

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    He needs to see another ENT. Yeast is easy to identify, so it may be something else. Did he have anterior (front) surgery to stabilize his spine? If so, he could have an infection or abscess in this area pressing on nerves. This needs to be investigated immediately. Call his SCI physician and ask to get a CT of the area looking for abscesses and if necessary a bone scan looking for osteomyelitis. Don't delay any longer.


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    Thanks all.
    He is in Suburban Philadelphia, Marmalady. Do you have a suggestion?
    Doesn't yeast inf. show white?
    Thanks KLD, CT sounds like the way to go.

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