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    Do I have to wear my shoes and afos constantly when I am awake. Sometimes I just want to have nothing on my feet. I have foot drop, but I've worn night splints and afos and shoes constantly since my injury.

    Where is a good place to buy night splints (I think that's what they're called)?

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    Camille, I'm interested in what others say about this also. I wear my AFO's all day also unless I'm sitting in my recliner - then I take my shoes and AFO's off. My feet are supported by the recliner and I usually do range of motion of my ankles when I sit down. I've stopped wearing anything on my feet at night - I don't have any problem with my feet getting to a normal position - see this post Boot at Night

    I've noticed that people at Project Walk and similar places never seem to wear AFO's. I've started rehab in a pool and I don't wear anything to support my ankles then.

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