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Thread: Possibly Going to China

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    Possibly Going to China

    My dad called me a few days ago to tell me that he knows of someone's wife that is in China getting embryonic stem cell treatment and he told me that he'd be willing to pay for me to go. Anyone know about the Emrbryonic stem cell treatments out there? I am willing to give it a try because, like I said, I'd eat crap if a doctor told me it'd help. It also only costs $20,000. It's a 30 day trip that includes the plane tickets, motel, and treatment. I'm a complete T10 para, don't know if that means anything.

    Just wondering what you guys think about it. My dad wants me to do some research so I'm starting by getting some opinions from you guys. Thanks for any info.

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    (dropping a volume in your lap)

    Good luck man, hope it works. I have the means to go but haven't heard anything convincing enough to do so.

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    Hell, just after reading the first two posts of Montana's, I would go. I see that she was/is T12 and I'm T10. Maybe it might help? I'd be willing to try though.

    My dad told me that the man's wife has some kind of degenerative disease and she was wheelchair bound for a while and when she went to the place, she was able to walk, but barely. Now she is walking normally and this woman told her husband, who told my dad, that there was a quadraplegic there whom is now moving his arms. I'm going to try to find more information on the place I'd be going to and everything else.

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    Read the thread I just did on this subject. I am a great believer in trying anything that could help. I am a T5 complete and would love to go. I am not worried about the cost but I am about the results.
    Maybe my thread will spark some answers from the "salesmen" for Beike Biotech over there.


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    Key words..."maybe it might help". I hope it does. A couple of people that attend my rehab went and got "a little more sensation". I won't hog the thread with my speculative thoughts...

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    I'll give it a read Geoffrey. I'm with you on this one, anything that might help is worth a try.

    alpentalic, I think it would definately work for me because I have gotten some sensation back in certain areas and I know that I haven't lost my muscle memory in my lower extremeties. When I try to move my leg, toes, etc, it feels like it's moving, or trying to, but just can't. I think I just need a bit of help.

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    I'm going to Beike in China May 29th but I can tell you that almost 100% of the time they only do umbilical cord blood stem cells but I have heard of a couple of embryonic ones performed.
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    I am very skeptical of the claims that anybody is transplanting embryonic stem cells. Please do a lot of research before you go. Get confirmation of the cells.

    By the way, embryonic stem cells refer to cells that are obtained from blastocysts. There are some people who mistakenly use that name for fetal neural stem cells.


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