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Thread: An Oregon Tale

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    Quote Originally Posted by quadvet
    Thanks John, I missed that point. I do hope others read the complete article. Great links also, you're right Betheny.

    I think Leif put it well:

    Leif; John and Noah live only a bit from me, yet I know them only as well as I know you. I don't read the local paper, listen to the local radio stations or television broadcasts. So, I'm glad you posted this article.
    Mother showed a photo the other day from when it comes to Oregon, no colour image, a black and white, those relatives got over here, and not only like that, they did bring their car, a big good ‘ole Cadillac, have the photo, from the fifties. Guess they had a hard job, just taking the car back and fourth, back then.

    And John Lee Hooker music is not the worse one could listen too.

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    Great writing, John. I printed off the 2 parts and took them home for Rosie to read.

    We'll miss seeing you this summer, I'm still not sure how the rally attendance will play out. Sarah's a 'no' since the SAT's are being taken that week. I'm trying to pry Rosie away to come along, we'll see.


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    I never saw this before. WOW NOAH!! your family and you are amazing!

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