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Thread: magic bullet?

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    I too started off with enemeez, but switched to magic bullets because of costs. At first I had some problems with them, then I started using only half and it works great, plus they go twice as far.
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    bumping.....curious,too about longterm effects

    [quote=hapahouli]Magic Bullet is the sh*t, no pun intended. I use 1/2 and have results within 10min. Two dig stim later and I'm done. Usually takes 45min from start to finish. I don't have to use any stool softener or laxitive...just lots of fiber in the diet. I'm curious to know the longterm effects from Magic Bulllet?

    Danny M.[/quote

    curious, too about long term effects

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    To date, no long term studies of the use of bisacodyl suppositories have shown any ill effects. One study of glycerine suppositories showed some long-term mucosal changes, but it was a small sample. I know of no long term studies on Enemeez (or the old Theravac).

    While rectal products such as suppositories are technically considered stimulants, they work different, and long term use does not appear to have the potential ill effects that you may find with the regular long term use of oral stimulants such as senna, cascera, and oral bisacodyl.


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