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Thread: 4X4 nicaragua

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    Smile 4X4 nicaragua

    whoa mamasita........ talk about gnarley and fun. this country is one constant wheelie..... dodging cowpies and thorns. there is not one straight or smooth path anywhere..... even the highways are full of pot holes. it is a blast. its always 79 degrees in the shade and the wind howls all day. food, coffee and rum are great and cold showers never felt so good. i´d say nowhere is ¨accessible¨ but nothing is impossible, and the locals love to help. 2 more months left so this should get even more interesting.
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    Very cool, any photos?

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    Hey man, I sent you back a PM, did you get it???

    Welcome to our slice of heaven. Few things are accessible but people do love to help. By the way, wait till it rains. My friends tell me it is among the best off roading in the world. I am more into bikes than 4x4´s so I have yet to muddy up on a jeep. It´ll start getting a bit hotter, so take care.
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