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    Need help please

    i am looking for help or info about quickie wheelchairs. am in despreate need of a new wheelchair and Need to know if the chairs are covered by medicaid. I just moved to texas. Models i have had in the past are the Quickie2 and Quickie GPV. I am currently interested in the Quickie2HP and the Quickie Revolution. If anyone has input about tese or any other quickie chair i should consider, it is greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has one for sale and is willing ti make payment arrangements please let me know. The measurements i would need are 19" wide 20" deep.
    Thank you so very much.
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    I am in the proccess of ordering a new chair myself , You can start by contacting your local wheelchair outlet (mine is the same as where I get my personal care suplies) They should walk you through the procedure.
    I don't have Medicaid , so I don't know how much they cover, I do have Medicare and they cover 80% minus things like rubber-coated handrims, clothing gards, frogleg caster wheels, neoprine coverings , etc...
    your surgical suply store should tell you what is and isn't covered by your insurance.

    Also ... keep checking eBay ... I saw a Quickie GTX for $300 last month.
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