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Thread: "oh shit" handle for handicap cars?

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    "oh shit" handle for handicap cars?

    Does anyone know if they make an "oh shit handle" modification for transfers to cars?



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    Of course you know that overhead lifting of your body weight is VERY bad for your shoulders long may want to look at the clinical practice guideline on shoulder management that is linked from the "stickies" on the Care forum. (KLD)

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    When I had my hand controls installed I had them reinforce the OS handle for transfers. They bolted it to the metal frame of the car, and it is solid and secure now. Of course I don't lift all of my weight with it. I make something of a ramp with my sliding board(my Honda Element is kinda high) and grab the OS handle with one hand, while pushing up from the car seat with the other hand. It works pretty smooth and really doesn't feel like a strain.
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    Yeah...I wouldn't be lifting my entire bodyweight...I would be using a combo of the OS handle...and the following for transfers:

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