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Thread: Dr Young:Help me!

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    Dr Young:Help me!

    Hello,Dr Young:
    At first,I introduce myself. I am a Chinese boy. I once had a good future. But a catastrophic thing happen to me last year. I become a handicapped form a healthy boy after five days’ hyperpyrexia which is the sequela of encephalomyelitis. I can not walk anymore. I could not accept the cruel fact and want to end life. But when I saw my old parents, I hesitated. I thought I could not be so selfish. My life not only belong to me, but also belong to them.
    Not long ago I knew the stem cell transplant through TV. So my mother went to these hospital which were carrying out the operation with my illness information. But none could promise the curative effect, which made us so disappointed. Dont’t I spend the rest life one the wheelchair? I felt hopeless! Be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation, I heard about your operation. The hope come to me and my whole family. Would you tell me the effect of your operation and the difference between your operation and the operations carrying out in China. Whether can I join in your clinic test?
    Thank you very much! Good luck!!

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    See your duplicate post from a couple days ago: This one will be locked. (KLD)

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