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Thread: Earning money during a co-op, will it affect SSD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan_nc
    t4m, how did you come up with the $6320 for one month? $19.75 * 8 hrs per day * 22 work days per month = $3476

    Cory-t4m is right that your employment will be taxed though. Figure things out with your social security before coming up.
    Dan you are right. Divide $6320 by half and you get 160 hours, 4 weeks or 20 days, at 40 hours per week or one month. One month's pay would be $3160. I wrote down some figures and grabbed two months of work or 320 hours.

    I'll correct it above if I can still edit it.



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    Contact your VR counselor. They can write a pass plan for you as well as hook you up for Ticket to Work. TTW will apply f your course work is completed at the end of your field study.This will extend your trial work period if you qualify. Expenses like relocation, assistance, paying for a modified vehicle, anything necessary to assist you in working will be deducted.

    Call now. If you don't get satisfaction with the VR counselor, talk to their supervisor. One day soon you will be the golden feather in their cap.

    It may seem scarey, but don't forfet suh a great opportunity because you are afraid you will loose your benifits. As an incomplete para, you should be able to successfully work. This position shows you know your stuff, interview well and can succeed in the competitive work force.

    Do you have to pay tuition while you are doing your internship? If so, that comes off the PASS plan. Get going now because it has to be approved before you start the job.

    PM me if you have questions.
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