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Thread: just started maternity leave - i'm bored

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    just started maternity leave - i'm bored

    Hello, I am Liz and I just started my maternity leave and I feel like I need to do something
    more around the house rather than sit, clean and cook. I was thinking of may be trying
    some training from home. Has anyone undertaken something like that, and do you think it
    would be a good idea? If some of you has tried out some home study course, would you
    please recommend it to me?Thanks.

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    Are You Sci/d?
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    When the baby comes you'll have more to do than sit/clean/cook.

    Once you add "Try to get some sleep" to the list, you'll be busy for a while!

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    Do you have a SCI? If so, how has your pregnancy gone? Any problems or complications?


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    thank you all

    Hi, thanks for all your replies! SO far, knock on wood, I haven't have any serious problems with my pregnancy, other than the usual discomforts. I was kind of leaning towards some distance training course may be, that i can do from home, while i still have some time. My husband is all day at work so I am mostly all by myself now, my friends are working as well....I know i won't have any time pretty soon, but until then i just thought it would be nice to develop myself further....Any ideas?

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    Hey, Liz. Do you have a spinal cord injury or were you just bored, web surfing and somehow landed here?

    Good luck with your pregnancy.

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    just surfing

    Hey, I don't have any injuries...I was just surfing and landed here, I have found some very useful tips. And I believe I have found what I was looking for...I found very nice distance learning course, which is home based and I think I will be fine. I just can't wait to meet my baby, hope being occpuied will make time goes faster...

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    found what i was looking for

    I found something that I think would be quite useful for all corporate mothers on maternity leave, who are used to keeping their mind occupied. I signed up for a self-paced distance training bookkeeping course that also gives me a diploma, and I can even change or expand my career - I am also thinking of going to self-employed bookkeeping, as it can be quite lucrative; and these people offer absolutely everything to start such a career, they will even make me a mini website! On top of this - if I fail on an exam - they put me through the course a second time free of charge. I am really happy I found something like this - they were recommended by a friend of mine, as they also offer you 10% discount if you are on maternity, but even without the discounts - it is still quite affordable.
    Their free number is 08000-75-8000; I really recommend checking something like that if you are interested of course.
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    Liz, this site is for people with spinal cord injuries and their family members. You will find many forums on the web for able-bodied women who are pregnant. I am not sure why you are still coming here, but it is starting to look a little like spam if you are promoting a business. (KLD)

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    Oh, I apologise if it looks that way. I am sorry I did not know this a site only for women with spinal injuries.
    I will not be bothering you any more.
    I hope that you will be all alright and that you won't have a lot of problems with your maternity. I wish you a lifetime of hapiness with your families.

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