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Thread: my son is sweet

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    my son is sweet

    I overheard my son talking to someone in the Walmart bathroom while he was waiting for me. He was telling an older lady that's my mom in there. She walks with her wheelchair but she still throws balls to me. AWWW. Apparently the lady was waiting on the "big stall"
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    Times like that make you proud to be a mom....cherish it because before you know it...You will be dummer than a box of rocks according to them LOL
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    Kids are so sweet and funny!!!!

    Background....My husband was driving (my fiance at the time) we hit a culvert and the car flipped. I went out the window and shattered c-5.

    Fast forward 14 yrs later. I overheard my son's friend (age 4 at the time) asking why his mommy was in a wheelchair and my son replies flipantly that his dad pushd me out of the window!!!!!
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