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Thread: Pregnancy & Labor questions answered

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    Pregnancy & Labor questions answered

    I've been asked several questions about my experience, so I though posting them in a public forum might be helpful. If there are any other questions, I'd be happy to answer. Maybe others will share their experiences. I am a c6.

    Delivery –
    1. Did it go smooth?
    see my birth story

    2. Did you deal with AD?
    I had an epiural for 3 days (2 before, 1 after) which pretty much eliminated all discomfort.
    During the actual emerging of the baby, I felt mildly disreflexic without the headache - just that
    "something's up" feeling. For the week after, I was sweating and uncomfortable mosty of the
    time. Percocet helped, but since I was breastfeedsing (which I highly recommend), I didn't
    indulge in it often.

    3. Did they have to induce or did it occur naturally?
    They induced, but we should have waited. It took 2-1/2 days of intervention to get it to happen.
    The last week or so, I freaked out & worried that I wouldn't be able to tell I was in labor. Big
    mistake. Babies don't come till they're ready. I wish I had been patient & trusted my body more.

    4. How long were you in labor?
    see my birth story

    5. Was it painful?
    Not at all.

    6. Epideral?
    3 days worth.

    7. Vaginal or cesarean delivery?

    8. How much did Zen weigh?
    6 pounds 2 ounces - a perfect size

    9. Did they have you on a home uterine device or could you feel contractions?
    No. The reason I allowed myself to be induced was because I was getting worried that I wouldn't
    know if I was in labor. I think I absolutely would have known, but I would not be induced again.

    During Your Pregnancy –
    1. Did you get stretch marks?
    No, but I think this is totally genetic. My sisters didn't, either.

    2. Were transfers difficult as you got further in your pregnancy?

    3. Could you feel your baby move?
    Sometimes, especially when she would repeatedly kick my bladder.

    4. At what point did you stop bending over? (To pick things up off the floor, etc.)
    I know this question sounds crazy….but I don’t know who else to ask. J
    Hmmm, maybe 4-5 month when I started getting bigger (unless I REALLY wanted something

    5. Did your OBGYN have you on Heparin to prevent blood clots?
    No. I had pneumonia at 6 months and was on heparin for 7 days in the hospital. They insisted
    on giving it to me. I was reluctant but gave in.

    Bladder- I think you & I had similar bladder surgeries because you mentioned your
    stoma bulging. I had a bladder augmentation with a continent stoma in 2005. Best
    decision I ever made.
    1. Did you have any problems with your bladder or cathing during your pregnancy?
    I had chronic UTIs that had to be treated with antibiotics (or risk preterm labor). I had to drink
    almost 2x the recommended fluid intake just to stay healthy & hydrated. When my belly got too
    big, I could only cath on my left side when laying down. I had to cath every 1-2 hrs. at night. In
    the very end, I leaked thru my urethra maybe 2x. Otherwise, all was the same.

    2. Did your stoma ever get blocked?

    3. Did you have any problems leaking urine from your stoma during your pregnancy?
    No. I have never leaked through my stoma. M urethra is still open, and I leaked from there a
    couple times.

    4. Were there any complications with your delivery and your bladder surgery? I know
    you mentioned having a urologist on stand by. I have made arrangements to have one
    available if we have to do an emergency cesarean.
    No, every
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    to give birth and to procreate is the most beautiful feeling in the world.
    is sad because some politicians do not care.
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    Thanks Alissa for answering all my questions. I'll probably be sending you more in the future. As I told you earlier, there is only a small amount of information out there for pregnancy and SCI's (as you well know). Your experience has really offered insight that can't be found any where else. Thanks again, take care.


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    Alissa- thaks for all the info. I am no where ready to have kids but it is comforting to know thngs can still go somewhat normal. Plus if I start pewparing now maye I wont be a nut case a few years from now when I do have kids.
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    More questions answered

    I found some more questions posted by Jehsikha that I thought I'd answer here as well, to keep the info easy to find.

    What changes do you see in your body and overall health following pregnancy?
    Bigger quad gut, more "motherly" shape in general. Health is the same.

    If surrogacy were an affordable option (biologically your child, another woman carries) would you choose that option? Why or why not?
    No, pregnancy was a great experience in general. There is nothing like having a living being inside of you. People are also really respectful of pregnant women, and treat you so nicely.

    What was the most difficult part of pregnancy?
    Getting pneumonia at 30 weeks was awful. Dealing with bladder infections sucked.

    What was the best part of being pregnant?
    Eating as much as I wanted.

    Did you have significant weight gain? If so, was the weight difficult to lose due to immobility? Did you develop pressure sores/skin problems due to increased weight?
    I gained maybe 40lbs. 7 months later, all that's left is the quad gut. I don't think that's going anywhere soon. No pressure sores or skin issues at all.

    How was your bladder health during pregnancy? If you had problems, did they subside after birth?
    I had alot of infections that needed antibiotics. After birth, I'm back to normal.

    Did you go through labor or opt for a c-section and what factors went into your decision?
    Epidural to prevent AD, Easy vaginal birth.

    Any blood pressure/dizziness issues during and following pregnancy?

    Did you breast feed? Why or why not?
    Yes. It's best for everyone involved, and easier than dealing with bottles. I did worry and question my supply, but 7 months later, it's still going well.

    How much assistance do you need in caring for your child? Are you able to prepare food/bottles? Do diaper changes? Dress your child? Pick up/carry?
    I have alot of help. I feed her, i can diaper with mods, but she's getting squirmy. I can't really dress or bathe her. I do't feel safe moving her from surface to surface, but carry her in a snuggli and on my lap on a boppy. I can handle her well.
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    very informative & helpful. thx for sharing. i'm very anti having babies in my condition, but who knows, i'm still a baby myself.

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    Thanks again....Alissa

    Thanks for the information. I am 26 weeks pregnant & counting. Everything is going really well. We are very excited about the baby...... who we have decided to name Miles!

    Take care ~ Paige

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    Its always nice when a baby is born. I've had 2 babies naturally, with no painkillers or inducing agents. Even though I am not paralized, I have a rare neurological disorder called hereditary spastic paraparesis, and its left me in a wheelchair full time. My pregnancies were really good except for bladder infections and more frequent cathings. My first baby was born in a hospital, becuase my OB/GYN was paranoid of me having a baby at a birth center. I hated delivering at a hospital, becuase I wasn't allowed to move around or even sit in my wheelchair to remain upright (being upright helps labor along better and is more comfortable). Plus, I had to yell at the doc when he wanted to do an episiotomy, because I didn't want one.
    My second daughter was born at a free-standing birth center. Even though others considered me high risk becuase of my disability, one midwife gave me a chance, because I had a easy pregnancy and didn't have any problems like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or other complications. I had another natural birth without drugs and delivered my daughter in a supported squating position (a midwife assitant and my boyfriend held me up).
    I also breastfed exclusively from the day both girls were born. My oldest, who's 3, recently weaned herself from nursing, but my 2 year old is still nursing 3 times a day and shows no signs of wanting to wean yet. I believe in child-led weaning, so she's going to nurse for as long as she wants. I never used formula and only gave them expressed milk in bottles. Plus, both girls used cloth diapers exclusively, because they were so much cheaper and healthier for the babies skin.

    6 books that really helped me out during pregnancy were:
    Spiritual Midwifery (by. Ina May Gaskin)
    The Disabled Woman's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth
    Natural Childbirth The Bradley Way
    Pregnancy The Natural Way
    The Complete Idiots Guide to Breastfeeding
    The Nursing Mother's Companion
    Birth Your Way (by. Sheila Kitzinger)

    Hope all this helps mommies to be. If you want to know more about other baby stuff, go to This website is excellent for parents who want a natural childbirth or want to use cloth diapers with their babies.


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    how soon after and how hard is it to get rid of the extra weight the baby makes you gain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sh0rty
    how soon after and how hard is it to get rid of the extra weight the baby makes you gain?
    I think ever woman. SCI or AB, wonders that. I still haven't lost what I gained with Violet but I gained way too much.

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