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Thread: A little late, but I had a great St. Pat's Day!

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    A little late, but I had a great St. Pat's Day!

    On St. Patrick's Day I went out with a group of my friends. I drove them around, because I don't really drink, they do, and this way I could hang out with them, and everyone would have fun. We went to a bar in the early afternoon, and found a spot off to the side where we could watch basketball games (and they could drink) without people bumping into us.

    Later in the afternoon/night we moved closer to the dance floor, but decided it was not a good spot, as it was a main walk way and people were bumping into us. We headed back to our old spot to join up with the rest of our group. There was a crowd of people, and my friend was trying to get people to move to clear the way for me. There was a line/mass of people heading the other way, and as I headed towards our table, someone reached out and grabbed my shoulder. I turned around and saw a girl, and was trying to figure out if I knew her from somewhere. I didn't recognize her, and was expecting her to say where she knew me from, or tell me I dropped something, or to ask what happened to me, etc. Instead she leaned in and said, "You're the most handsome guy in here." Then she leaned in closer at kind of a strange angle. The music was loud, so I said "Thanks" in her ear, until I realized she was leaning in to kiss me.

    Random girls don't usually come up and kiss me, so I was surprised ... and didn't think to ask her for her phone number.

    The crowd of people kept going the other way, and I continued on to my table.

    At least I'll be ready next time it happens.

    Hope everyone else had a good St. Patrick's Day.

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    Was she hot?
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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