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    We are going to Disneyworld April 1st with our two boys (6yr. & 4yr.) for a week. Anybody have any must do/see or things to skip? We are staying on the grounds so I am hoping it will make things much easier. Also, do we really get to go to the front of the lines?

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    might see u there...jim and i will be there the 1st & 2nd. his brother will be down from pittsburgh with his family for vacation. i don't remember us getting to the front of the line when we have gone in the past. though there is a seperate line for wheelchairs.

    here's one tip...don't waste time buying disney stuff in the park. have fun on the rides if u r there for a week...try going to the disney's free; shopping and great food. don't miss the rain forest cafe'. as far as the parks go...jim loves epcot. the living sea is great....don't miss it.

    have lots of fun and don't get too much sun. the weather has been great...upper 70's.


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    Magic Kingdom has the most for the kids, Animal Kingdom is next imo. I did not feel that Epcot or MGM studios had much to offer small children. I cannot comment on going in a wheelchair since we went before my husband's injury, but this link is helpful.

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