I want to get a new wheelchair and contacted the local DME last week and he still hasn't returned my call. I'm getting frustrated and am thinking of just getting the chair through Sportaid and then getting the necessary forms from Medicare and have them reimburse me the 80% of the payment.

My question is. Getting a reimbursement from Medicare will obvisiouly take a while. Is it worth the hassle or should I just use the DME.

I want the chair in my hands before the end of May. I'm in a wedding (the best man) and I don't want this ratty old chair i'm in now in the wedding or the pictures. I know if I go through the DME I'll never have the chair by that time, plus they damn near double the price of the wheelchair. That is just more on the 20% I will be covering.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Eddie