The doppler test results came in today. I knew that there was no clot(s) in my leg and the results showed my veins as normal. YAY!! The other tests still show my ammonia is still up, and potassium level is down. Stupid gave the order for me to take potassium pills and I am already taking them. His nurse called to tell me that I needed to take them. HA! Goes to show how well he is checking on my file and keeping up on what is going on. It has the order there for the ones I am already taking. I brought her up to date on that fact. She said she needed to talk to him and ask what he wanted to do then. I told her to go ahead but not to ask incompetent, instead to ask my usual attending doctor. That I did not want to have him taking care of me. She said okay and that she would call me back on what to do. She did call later and the real doctor called and ordered me to take double my dose of potassium. I have to have some more blood work done in a week to see if there is any difference. I also am trying to find another internist to take my case since I am not planning on staying with this doctor anymore. I really wish I could stay under his care but as long as he has incompetent as his partner, I will not stay.

Also, plan to talk with him about the last time I was since by his partner. Need to have this addressed.