First I must say sorry for popping up again with all these great problems after leaving for so long and not really helpin anyone. That said heres another conundrum for ya'll. For about 10ish months I was taking vicodin. Perscribed to me for various reasons; broken leg, stomach, GI probs etc. And I developed a wee addiction to it. Im only talkin like 1-2 a day tops, but admittedly there were many many times that one pill wasn't needed. Ok the point here is, when I was taking it everyday, even in small doses, I had no bowel, or G.I. problems. I could eat almost anything without getting sick (milk, spicy foods, cola etc etc). Nothing gave me cramps, nothing made me vomit, no diahreah, pretty much nothing bad happened to my digestive tract.
It has now been over a month since I've had any vicodin. I though ok yay I kicked the stupid stuff. And thats fine I don't miss it a bit. The thing is that in this month i've been having all the bad digestive stuff that went away while I was on it. 1/2 of the stuff I eat makes me sick in one way or another. Bowel program is a P.I.T.A because im no longer slightly constipated. Im not sick all the time or anything but compared to the 10 months I was on vicodin, this has been a lame month. I've stayed home many days puking, or having diahreah or some other nasty stomach crap.
So my question is... Is it ok to be on a low dose of vicodin to prevent the misery that has been happening this month? I've looked for alternatives: natural cultures like acidophillus, lactobascillus; different diets; ultram; OTC stuff like immodium. I've tried all of these things but not a one of them is as effective. So Im at a loss. I know I wasn't very addicted to vicodin, but I didn't want to get that way, and I still don't. Damn my short bowels!