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Thread: Help with 8th Grade Survey

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    Food: Sometimes
    Shoes: Sometimes
    Sports equip: never
    Clothes: never
    Electornics: always

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    Thanks--Need 10 more replies

    Thanks everyone who has posted so far. Right now he needs 10 more replies. Please keep them coming. You folks are the best!
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Food: Sometimes
    Shoes: Sometimes
    Sports equip: never
    Clothes: sometimes
    Electornics: always

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    Food: Sometimes
    Shoes: never
    Sports equip: sometimes
    Clothes: sometimes
    Electornics: sometimes
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    Food: Always

    Shoes: Sometimes

    Sports Equip: Sometimes

    Clothes: Sometimes

    Electronics: Sometimes
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    Food: sometimes

    Shoes: never

    Sports Equip: always

    Clothes: sometimes

    Electronics: sometimes

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    Quote Originally Posted by davesgirl aka anty
    food----always shoes---sometimes Sports equip.---sometimes Clothes---sometimes Electronics---always

    food-sometimes shoes-sometime sports equip.-always clothes-sometimes

    Hope your son hits 300 and plays solid defense.

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    from Deb: sometimes for all

    from Jim: sometimes for all

    Best of luck to the eighth grader! And the mom, of course!

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    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

    We hit 30 answers, Jim and Deb took us to the top. Now I can get the kid off to bed and start lunches for tomorrow. Procrastination is not a trait he learned from me. He is thinking that I squewed his shoe answer by posting on CareCure.

    Electronics had the most votes for Always.

    many thanks everyone, you are the best.
    CareCure Crew Comes Cruising through Again
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake


    Food: Always Sometimes Never

    Shoes: Always Sometimes Never

    Sports Equip: Always Sometimes Never

    Clothes: Always Sometimes Never

    Electronics: Always Sometimes Never
    hope this helps .....

    oh, finished reading thread and realized i am #31 .... glad he got his homework done!
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