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Thread: bowel accident-the anal plug

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    bowel accident-the anal plug

    any one try the anal plug for bowel accident?my son-14 years-two years post injury(com.t8) have abowel accident 1-2 amonth.
    som people toled me that anal plug is not effactiv for peopl with high injury???

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    Nobody uses these in the US but I hear Europeans do. Can't hurt to try, I'd be afraid of autonomic dysreflexia though. If he gets flushed, goosebumps, a headache or high blood pressure when using one-get it out quick!

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    It is more of a European approach to the problem. Dysreflexia is one concern as well as making sure that the anus doesn't get a breakdown. I would be a little careful- if you try it really monitor the anus and also any dysreflexia.

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