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Thread: Did I break my toe or just disjoint it?

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    Did I break my toe or just disjoint it?

    I was doing a couple floor transfers 2 days ago (while on floor, knees off to the side, then drag self upwards so knees get underneath somewhat then drag self fully onto the object being used, twist around to be seated) After doing these my left leg and hip had unusual spasticity, I thought I just pulled a muscle until I took my sock off the next day to find some bad bruising around my toe. There is slightly more swelling on the one in question compared to the other toe, the toe moves and no observable breaks can be seen or felt, but the bruising has me concerned.

    I know all about diagnosis and the perils of making medical recommendations without seeing in person, but could any of the nurses here that maybe have some experience seeing what broken toes look like on the outside give their opinion on this one? Did I break something or somehow just twist my toe out of its socket or something causing the bruising?

    Yes, I need a pedicure. I took a shot of both feet so that the 'normal' amount of swelling can be compared. The brusing looks darker in person, but my monitor is pretty bright so...

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    Another shot from the side somewhat so the swelling can be compared. Ideas?

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    I'm no expert, but they look okay to me, just bruised. Let me get out the grinder and see if I can make those toenails not look like gator claws.

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    Sorry about your digits.

    Even if you've broken your toe or toes, docs don't usually do much, but recommend staying off it. Sometimes they give pain meds for those people who feel their toes.

    Sometimes the broken toe is taped to the toes next to it for stability, but since you aren't walking on it, that wouldn't seem to be helpful.

    I'd leave the shoes off until it quits looking so rough.

    Heal well quickly and well, Andy.

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    I broke my toe about 6 weeks ago and it wasn't as bruised as yours! I had a small hairline fracture. All they did was tape it, though. If I were you, I would still get it checked out. My sister-in-law was telling me that her young son broke his toe in 2 places and they had to do surgery. That's why I went to the dr. You should really get it checked. We don't have enough feeling to tell how bad it's hurt. Don't want to leave it if it's bad and risk ruining your chance of walking again if we ever find a cure! Oh - expect the bruising to last a LOOOONG time! My bruises have faded but are still there 6 wks later.

    Good luck! Hope it's not bad!
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    I would recommend some "ho red" polish....and a petite asian girl to paint them and run the grinder... might be broken but there is probably nothing they can do. I have done this many times. Just make sure the swelling goes away and keep an eye on it.
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    Did a bit of checking tonight, ever so slightly more swollen than the other side, bruising is kind of interesting, seems the worst is on the next two digits down from the big toe. At least the bruising is going down, earlier this week it was fairly evident on the top of my foot. I sure would like to know what happened to cause this, looks like I'll have to put some shoes on for floor transfers now just in case.

    And if you guys want to lose your lunch...a fresh up to date photo of the sexiest feet you might ever see....(might 'cure' foot fetishes too! )

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    Holy moly, dude. Some of that bruising appears to be on your foot. Don't guess you're up for an x-ray to be certain???

    As for your nails, nothing a pedicure at the spa can't fix once your toes/foot heals up.

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    I think an x-ray of the foot is in order, due to the bruising over the entire area and not just on one toe.
    You may have bent them backwards, but the films are the only way to be sure.
    And do something about the 'snags' on your nails.
    They may have caught on a rug and been the culprit.
    Bob B
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    Yeah, definitely get an x-ray and have them look at joint closely. When I was AB I had a toe on my left foot that would randomly pop out of joint. It would literally turn sideways over the top of my big toe. Always hurt like hell, but didn't bruise. Yours looks much worse than just being out of joint.
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