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Thread: Ever get tired

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    Funny it's actually me who's said "it could be worse", usually because the person has said something like "oh how horrible" and is just looking at me. I mean what do you say in response to that? Oh yes please pity me my life is doomed. I guess it irks my pride. Of course if I was in constant pain my answer may be different cause I'm big baby, hats off to those of you who are.
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    When I am asked how am I .. my answer is always fine. One day, a friend made me laugh with their come back .. (I was in the hospital) .. "if you are fine, then what are you doing in the hospital?". I thought that was funny but what else could I have said? It is a habit for me to say "fine". I guess I just say that so I won't feel any worse than I already might be feeling at the moment. I try my best to ignore that comment .. it could be worse. Yeah it could .. but it isn't always for me, it sometimes feels like it is the worst. Want to try out my life? Those are the thoughts that run through my mind but then think .. ahhh .. what's the use?


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    I remember when I was at the Sheperd center shortly after my SCI I was asked how I was doing a lot. I would usually answer "still breathing", or if I was feeling theatrical I would say "Oh my God, I can't feel my legs! I think I'm paralzed!".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven
    When I am asked how am I .. my answer is always fine.
    My family and friends know I don't like being asked how I am because it's a pointless, social nicety that is supposed to be responded to in a scripted way that does not reflect how I am most of the time. So I either ignore the question or respond by saying, "about the same". It's the truth, whereas "fine" usually isn't.


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