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Thread: Leg bag on plane

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    Leg bag on plane

    I met a woman on the plane who wears a leg bag and didn’t see making it into the bathroom and was afraid she would overflow. What do other people do on long flights?

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    Lots of options here:
    1. Wear a night bag or get a larger leg bag (the biggest like bag I have seen is 32 ounces)
    2. Make sure you bring an empty water bottle, this is good for emptying once on your own or multiple times if you have a companion or can convince a fellow patron to help you
    3. Try not to drink too much before/during the flight and make sure you empty your bag right before you get on

    The above suggestions work for just about anything up to three or four hours. Flights longer than that I would highly encourage someone with a leg bag to bring a companion if at all possible for other reasons than just emptying the leg bag. A companion can help to do a very good weight shifts, which is essential on a very long flights.

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    We have a collapsible urinal from Rolli-Moden (unfortunately currently not available in the USA since their distributor when bottoms up) which fits easily into a purse and is opaque so it is easy to use to drain the leg bag and carry it discretely to the bathroom to empty. This has worked for 15 hour flights for us. Others swear by either an empty soda can or opaque drink bottle that can be discarded. In a pinch, you can drain into the vomit bag and ask the cabin steward to dispose of it for you.


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    Speaking of leg bags,

    Has anyone been asked "What is that thing strapped to your leg?", or been otherwise embarrassed during the security search? I've flown a number of trips since the new regulations, and need the leg bag since there's no way to get to the RR. Fortunately, I've had no incidents. Of course, I always make sure it's empty and wear it as flat to my leg as possible. Still, the thought of being a "security breach" bothers me.

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    When we go into the hand search area for those in wheelchairs, we always volunteer the existance of the leg bag, and then when they notice it on the pat down there are usually no issues. If they think you are trying to hide it, that is a problem. These pat downs should be away from the general public so that questions are private. If not, ask that it be done this way.


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    Enjoy your trip and have fun!

    Leg bag issues on a long flight. No problem.

    When I travel on long flights I usually take a duffle bag as my main carry on for clothes and my back pack for my supplies. In flight I ask for my back pack that I keep at my feet. At the very top of the back pack when I open the zipper is a 56oz empty orange Tide bottle with a large blue cap on it or you can get the white Ivory in the same size. I use this bottle as my urinal during the flight. I usually empty it when no one is paying attention or when the cabin lights are off and cap it when I am done. No one knows what is in it. If someone does look at you? You just say, "Recycled pop!"

    Don't throw it out once you land. Wash it out at your place of stay and use it on your return flight.

    Several days before flight I remove the funnel cone from the bottle so it is easier to empty my leg bag into it during flight.

    To empty it? I get a flight attendant and I ask him/her to come close. I talk in a quiet tone and first say, "Can you hear me?" Usually they say, "Yes." Then I say, "I am paralyzed and can't move. There is an orange Tide bottle at my feet that I used as my urinal during flight. Can you get some plastic gloves (I have some if you don't.) and nonchalant take it to the restroom and dump it out and rinse it with water and return it back to its place." No attendant has every refused to do this for me. They are there to help you. They will help you so you will fly again with them.

    Some of these attendants are so smooth and savvy at this, you don't even know it's happening.

    For going through security? You just tell them, "I wear a leg bag appliance." I had one security pat me down and felt the foley valve on my thigh. He asked me, "What it this?" I just said, "I wear a foley." He understood it.

    Don't worry.

    Enjoy your trip and have fun!


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    You got some pretty good advise already to empty the leg bag. Not certain why she did not see making it to batroom as an option. But, especially on long flights, making it to the batroom is an option. The air carriers have an aisle chair on board and larger planes can provide you with access to the bathroom. Smaller planes seem to be more difficult but these are typically shorter flights (though wait time can make even a short flight long). This was my case and I am able to transfer but may not be same for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random
    I met a woman on the plane who wears a leg bag and didn’t see making it into the bathroom and was afraid she would overflow. What do other people do on long flights?
    Problem solved!
    Use barf bag and get a voucher!

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    I just bring an empty botttle of water and Fill that sucker up with urine if it is about to overflow and no during secuirty checks they know what the leg bag is for.

    I asked the guy, and he said I didn't need to explain he's been doing this job for awhile.
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    This item from Aero-News.Net is somewhat apropos to the thread...
    Turns Out There's Another Use For Airsickness Bags What A Relief

    If you've ever wondered whether airline barf bags were really leak-proof, we can put that question to rest.

    A SkyWest plane was ready to take off from Boise to Salt Lake on March 7, when crews discovered a light in the cabin rest room was burned out. The captain had two choices... delay the flight until it could be fixed, or declare the bathroom out of service. The flight was a short hop, so he figured it would cause the least inconvenience if he closed the restroom and took off on time.

    That worked fine for everyone... except James Whipple. He'd had what he said were two really big beers before departing Boise, and once the plane was in the air, reached the point where he had no other option.

    "It was like I had no choice. I started to urinate on myself. So, thinking the way I thought, I grabbed one of those vomit bags," Whipple told the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Amazingly, no other passengers reported seeing Whipple use the airsickness bag in a manner its designer had not originally intended... but it somehow came to the attention of a flight attendant, who told the captain.

    "I didn't think I did anything wrong," Whipple said. "I could have relieved myself all over my pants. It was almost like that was what she preferred me to do."

    After being questioned by airport police in Salt Lake City, a very relieved Whipple (you bet that pun was intended -- Ed.) caught a cab home.

    SkyWest has since sent Whipple a travel voucher and apology letter.
    - Richard

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