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Thread: Summer Heat

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    Summer Heat

    It is so Damn hot and sleeping @ night has become miserable. We have the ceiling fan above us on and the A/C on low all night long just so we don't sweat to death. The problem is that I'm either to cold or hot. I get cold I pull comforter over me then I'm instantly sweating pull comforter off and in five mins. freezing again. Any suggestions to make it a little easier to sleep @ night.

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    Try using just a sheet instead of the comforter. There is no easy solution for this.


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    Niese I have the same problem. What i do is place both sheet and blanket on bed where I can get to both.Sheets on when hot,blanket when cold. You can alternate depending your hot,cold situation.
    Also, try a fan you can control from bed. Clap on Clap off, or a long cord that has a variable switch.

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