My son (C-5 incomplete) just bought a new laptop
(I haven't seen it yet - a Toshiba, I think) a few weeks ago
and has never used a voice recognition pgm before.
He asked me to buy him DNS 8 Preferred and a mike via eBay.
Rather than spend a lot on 9.1 & SP1, he wants to try this as a test.
They've just arrived and we're planning to install asap,
but the new system's OS is Vista.
I don't know anything about Vista (I gather that very few do),
I've enough trouble with XP !!
(I'm just an ole dad & a 'puter dummy)

Is there any problem trying to install this DNS 8 Pref, with Vista?
Anything special to know?

I've heard that Vista already comes with a voice recognition pgm.
(So does "MS Office"- but its not very good)
Any tips, help, thoughts? (other than, to get - DNS 9)