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    weak bladder

    Hi, have a strange question I hope someone can answer, I have a bit of a , when I do pelvic floor exercise to strengthen the bladder, I always get an infection...why is that? and is there anything I can take to strengthen it?

    Love & Light

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    sorry that was "a bit of a weak bladder"

    Love & Light

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    What do you mean when you say that you are doing "pelvic floor exercise to strengthen the bladder". Are you referring to doing the Kegel to reduce incontinence? To my knowledge, doing the Kegel exercise should not increase the likelihood of infection and should even reduce the incidence of infection.


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    Kegel exercises only strengthen the external urinary sphincter. They have no effect on the bladder itself, which cannot be exercised voluntarily. If you have retention problems, doing Kegels may actually make this worse. This is the only connection I could think of to UTIs. What amount of residual do you carry? Do you do intermittent cath?


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    thanks guy's....yes I was doing Kegel exercises.......I don't have retention problems, I have a normal bladder, I don't have any residual either...........but when I get the feeling to go...I struggle to make it in time.....the only way I'm able to manage it go before I get the urge to go......when my bladder is full...I find it difficult to hold on....the exercisers always gives me an infection......but this time I became awear of it & stopped the exercisers & it went away with the help of cranberry tablets......I don't leak or anything like that just difficult to hold on when I need to any advice to improve this situation would be great....thanks

    Love & Light

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    I did some searching on the net I think that my problem is "Urge incontinence": which is the inability to hold your urine once the urge to urinate occurs....ok waiting for some answers...

    Love & Light

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    What does your urologist say? Urge incontinence can be caused by bladder problems or by pelvic floor or sphincter problems. The treatment varies according to the cause. You would need to have a urologist make the actual diagnosis.


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