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Thread: Went to Disneyland and it was terrible......

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    Went to Disneyland and it was terrible......

    I live approx 1 mile away from the Happiest Place on Earth, I have been going there my whole life. We even had annual passes and would go at least once a month with my kids. Yesterday I went back for the first time since my accident. I am 7 months post and I can get around pretty good, my transfers are okay but not at the level that I had seen people who have been in the "chair," for awhile.

    Anyways I know that Disneyland is over 50 years old so I wasn't expecting to much as far as accesibility. I hated it. There are only approx 5 rides that you can get on while you are in your chair, there are approx 5 other rides that you can transfer onto. The rest of the rides I could not figure out how you could even try to get into since the space that was given was so small.

    If you are in a wheelchair you can enter all the rides through the exits but like I said most of the rides you have to get out of your wheelchair and get into the ride itself. Disney's policy is that you can take your family with you through the exit if you get on the ride. If you can't get into the ride then your family has to get in line like everyone else. I saw all kinds of people in wheelchairs, people in soft casts, hard casts, bandaids, and some with nothing wrong with them. They went into the exit and onto the ride. I know that through the years people have taken advantage of this and they would pick a family member to be the gimp for the day in order to get on the rides faster.

    The part that I did not like is that I went with my wife and 2 kids, so in order for them to have a good time I went and hung out with the strollers while they went in line for the rides. I tried several times to try and explain my point to operators but they would not budge. I spent most of the day hanging out with the strollers, it sucked. I even did the mistake of buying annual passes that same day before I knew the conditions. I figured I would take advantage and take my kids to distract them from all the drama.

    At the very end I went and asked for a refund. I had to explain my situation 7 times before they decided to refund my annual pass amount.

    I don't agree with their policy and I tried to explain to them. You figure the amount of people who are actually in chairs and can't get on the rides is very small maybe a handfull. They should allow at least your family to ride while you wait, that way you only wait the amount of time that the ride lasts. I had to wait 20-30 minutes every ride and that was on a Thursday with very little people. During the summer you would have to wait for about 1 hour on every ride.

    I understand the park is old but you figure they would budge a little, it only makes since. If they would change their policy I would not have a problem buying the passes. So I just wanted to give everyone the heads up if you are thinking about coming to Disneyland. I know California Adventure is suppose to be a little friendlier.

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    It is my understanding that Disney World is no better. The "world of tomorrow" has no access.

    Is that a positive note?

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