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Thread: When cops "attack" your female friend.

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    hell , much better then the why was ? banned thread
    cauda equina

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    I hear what metro and wheelie are sayin. People can debate good cop/bad cop til their blue, but this situation described by wheelie doesn't seem so much about that (we know many/most cops are good).

    From only what wheelie described, there was no "attack", but was it necessary to have the girl in the police car at all? I doubt that for a minor traffic violation, it wasn't something that couldn't have been taken care of without even getting out the car. Maybe, if at all, just steppin out for a few. If your gal pal was 400 lb. with unusual facial hair and bug eyed, I doubt the cop would have been as attentive.

    No harm, no foul... BUT, these are situations which can be abused both ways -- the cop abusing his authority to get women in vulnerable positions, and women (anyone) falsely accusing cops of abusing authority (or any misconduct, even sexual abuse). Whether it's a cop, or a priest, teacher or social worker, dealing with the public can be sensitive and requiring being in many situations which can be misinterpreted ... SO, it may be particularly necessary to adhere to strict rules of conduct (procedures/policy).

    That said, your friend wasn't attacked, but how easily could she have come out that police car accusing the cop for inappropriately coming on to her (even attempting more, if he had touched her, even if accidently?).

    So excusing some possibly inappropriate behaviors, in the defense of "well, but most cops are good" .., only sets yourself (cops) up ... and not in a good way.

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    Your wise beyond your years chick, but remember, that cop was asking behavioral questions while investigating a crime. The only way to get conflicting statements is by seperating the parties. Its not safe to stand outside on the highway (plus its noisy as hell) so the cruiser is the next best option. I would bet that the cruiser has audio and video recording capabilities to curtail th scenarios that you described and to provide evidence if the stop escalates into something further. Like I said before, he probably became comfortable with her verbal and non-verbal answers and decided that there was no reason to question the other occupant.

    I would love to say that ALL cops are good, but we all know thats not true.

    Don't be so sure that he wouldn't have been so attentive to an ugly girl. You always get more flies with honey...........


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    Ever think Wheelie boy, he was reffering to YOU when he said precious cargo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patonb
    Ever think Wheelie boy, he was reffering to YOU when he said precious cargo.
    Uh, no. He specifically told her while she was exiting his cruiser that SHE was "precious cargo." No misunderstanding there. Guys will flirt, whether they have a badge or not. It's just the nature of the beast in all of us.

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    herco , investigating a crime? it is a moving violation a speeding ticket. i doubt they even had a dancing bear on
    their bumper .
    i stand by my previous summation, if the passenger was someone that possibly had enough power to call the trooper superiors or prosecute the trooper(DA) on any unprofessional conduct, the trooper would not have been acting that way on the car stop. That is the level of professionalism that must be maintained on all stops.
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    Metro, you are never going to see the light. I must've missed the memo when speeding was announced that it would no longer be a crime. Here are several links, if you take the time, and they revolve around... NYC of all places.

    What it all boils down to is procedure. The procedure here is to stay in your own car and the officer will conduct his interview at my window or at the front of his car in full display of the camera. Other cities, counties, and states have different procedures for handling their interviews. If this is their way and you were to dispute it, you just turned a calm situation into an aggressive one. Whether he was flirting or not, who knows.. If he was to the extent of being inappropriate, she would have said.. she didn't.

    My conclusion.. She obviously wasn't cute enough.

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    Metro, he had Probable Cause to stop the car. He spoke to the occupants, without violating their rights. He didn't find any reason to continue the stop. CITATION ISSUED! Thats all.

    Thank god you arent out there on the streets. How do you think drug interdiction works? Drug mules come in all sizes, shapes and colors. If you don't believe that then maybe you do have some racial profiling issues. Entire families have been found carrying Kilo's of contraband. Some people are whores and will do anything for a buck.


    PS/ LOL PatonB...I was thinking the same thing!
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    I also thought of this...

    Many Troopers have been killed here by being run over on traffic stops. There are at least 10 roads named within 30 miles of me for state troopers who have been killed while approaching a car for minor infractions like speeding. Most NCHP choose to approach the car on the passenger side here and you will see them parked horozontal on the side of the road behind the car that is pulled over. Most do not conduct their questioning on the side of the road any longer.

    Metro it really does vary state to state but this may have something to do with why he took her back to the car. Our HP also has in car cameras so even if he did inappropriately flirt with her, it would have more than likely be caught on tape.

    I know that when I travel to Atlanta I dont see the police cars pulled the same way in behind the speeding car.

    It is also a state law in NC that if an emergency(lights flashing) vehicle is on the side of the road with its lights on you have to change to the inside lane or slow down if changing lanes is not possible.

    (f) When an authorized emergency vehicle as described in subsection (a) of this section or any public service vehicle is parked or standing within 12 feet of a roadway and is giving a warning signal by appropriate light, the driver of every other approaching vehicle shall, as soon as it is safe and when not otherwise directed by an individual lawfully directing traffic, do one of the following:
    (1) Move the vehicle into a lane that is not the lane nearest the parked or standing authorized emergency vehicle or public service vehicle and continue traveling in that lane until safely clear of the authorized emergency vehicle. This paragraph applies only if the roadway has at least two lanes for traffic proceeding in the direction of the approaching vehicle and if the approaching vehicle may change lanes safely and without interfering with any vehicular traffic.
    (2) Slow the vehicle, maintaining a safe speed for traffic conditions, and operate the vehicle at a reduced speed and be prepared to stop until completely past the authorized emergency vehicle or public service vehicle. This paragraph applies only if the roadway has only one lane for traffic proceeding in the direction of the approaching vehicle or if the approaching vehicle may not change lanes safely and without interfering with any vehicular traffic.
    For purposes of this section, "public service vehicle" means a vehicle that has been called to the scene by a motorist or a law enforcement officer, is being used to assist motorists or law enforcement officers with wrecked or disabled vehicles, and is operating an amber‑colored flashing light authorized by G.S. 20‑130.2. Violation of this subsection shall be negligence per se.
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    you still have to look at the original post, the OP started this thread because he felt the action by the trooper was inappropriate. He saw the trooper flirt , and questioned the amount of time the trooper kept his female companion in his vehicle. Why is the OP original take on the encounter so readily dismissed by everyone, he doesn't seem to be a confirmed cop hater like me we wouldn't be having this discussion if a citation was issued and the inappropriate conduct (flirting) was not performed, unless you consider the flirting to be proper conduct. I find it very inappropriate conduct since the trooper may be conveying a message that for a sexual favor, no citation will be issued.
    i doubt the trooper would have acted the same way (openly flirting) if he thought the passenger had enough power to jam the trooper up for his conduct.
    you can say all you want about how car stops are performed however they should be no difference in the police attitude and respect . If the trooper would act more respectfully and professional when a superior officer was present, then there is a problem with the car stop.
    as far as speeding a crime, funny you should bring up my cohorts , the TA. , i am in the picture on their home page on the steps of city hall

    speeding is a crime against society but not a "crime" as far as far as courts, it is usually a violation. when applying for a job and they ask for convictions of crimes, speeding tickets don't count. DUI are misdemeanors.
    i use to have more respect for police before the RNC in NYC, i started videotaping police conduct after those events.
    i am involved in many demonstrations in nyc, many cops are great , even when arresting people, perfect gentlemen. they realize that sit ins are not violent.
    however one of the recently retired highest ranking officers does have a problem with violence.
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