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Thread: When cops "attack" your female friend.

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    well it comes down to, do you give any credence to wheelieboy and his narrative of events? or you think he just made this up since he has a ax to grind with police. do you think he has a ax to grind against cops, or just thought the actions seemed very suspect.
    or you think flirting by cops on a traffic stop is ok even thou i gave quite a few reasons why it is very inapprioate and unprofessional.
    this should be below wheelie boys last reply, since i was reply to herco, juke, mainly and me and wheelie were answering at the same time..
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2jazzyjeff
    Sorry about your mom.. my condolences.
    Thanks Jeff. Sorry about the rave, but the whole sitaution is working my nerves.

    Incidently, before, running off of mountain on a road bike, I was heavily involved in bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitons and most of my female friends are personal trainers, figure/fitness models, bodybuilders, triathletes, etc. My female friend is one of those figure model types. She volunteered to drive with me back home because she was on spring break from grad school and had the time. She has a very nice face and "frame" and the officer after getting the initial "view" of her IMO, was probably trying to figure out what the hell she was doing riding around with a gimp!
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    So sorry for the sudden loss of your mother Wheelieboy
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    sounds like a tempest in a teacup, aggravated by the circumstances. sorry to hear of your loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelieboy
    my mother suddenly passed away
    Very sorry to hear that. My best to you and your family.


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    I'm sorry to hear about your mother Wheelie.

    Out of state tags and drivers licenses that don't match the issued tag state are all red flags. He waved her back to his car after approaching wheelie's car and observed th w/c. That would seem about right.......... Most AB's don't think that we can drive small cars so of course he is going to call the driver back who just happens to be attractive. (Its not his fault she looks good) Its not uncommon to disguise criminal behavior behind disability, religion and medical problems. I locked up more than one w/c rider prior to my injury!

    Why did she wish she had her cell phone with her? Maybe I mssed that.

    While trying to not sound calous, two funerals is not a "norm." Maybe he was either legitimately curious or still feeling you out. You did have the right to tell him that the reason was too personal and didn't feel comfortable disclosing said info. Don't forget an officers civil rights are not diminished just because he hangs a badge on his chest.

    Scorp, I don't believe ALL cops are honest and loyal, I'm not instantly suspect of them either. I give them a few minutes just like I would a civilian and make my opinion after asking them a few questions. If they send up the "Red Flags" we're going to have issues.

    I would help you hang any officer that engages in criminal acivity.

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    I'm very sorry to know of your mother's death and your grief, Wheelieboy.
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    very sorry about the unexpected death of your mom wheelie boy, way to much tragedy to deal with.
    interesting about her wishing she had brought her cellphone when she was detained and placed in the police cruiser. i too wonder what that was all about? did she feel unsafe?
    police dont let you make chit chat phone calls when you are involved in a stop and they are questioning you.
    very interesting that with all the questioning about their travel plans, that the officer couldn't care about how her license came back, and also didnt give the passenger much of a glance . i wonder how much time if any he spent looking into the plane view areas of the car to see if there where bales of reefer back there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herco16

    why did she wish she had her cell phone with her? Maybe I mssed that.

    The condolences are appreciated from all.

    In regard to her making the cell phone comment, she mentioned that as we were discussing all that had just taken place during the stop once we were back on the road. I didn't even comment on it after she said it because I was still stuck on the everything that had just happened. I take it most women today are more comfortable with a cell phone on their person for whatever reason--even if they can't use them.

    All in all, it was a crazy experience for the books and one that she and I were eventually able to make light of. Maybe, the trooper was bored that morning and needed some company. Driving that stretch of I-40 between Oklahoma City and Little Rock, AR, regularly would make anyone lonely. There's nothing out there but highway and rolling hills--oh and Carrie Underwood's (American Idol) hometown according to the signs.

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