During my recent 3000 mile road trip l had plenty of adventures...this is one occurred in Oklahoma. While driving down I-40 (doing about 90+) an Oklahoma State Patrol officer just happens to be hanging out on the side of the road awaiting fine citizens who are being naughty on the interstate.

My attractive female friend just happened to be behind the wheel displaying her lead foot skills. I see the cop before she does, but it's too late. He pulls out and I'm like "here we go..." He pulls up behind us and hits the lights and she pulls over. He gets out, takes a peek, and calls her back to his car. She comes back to the car and asks for the insurance and the cop looks to the front of the car and watches me struggling to lean for the dash. I get the papers and then he invites her into the front passenger seat of his cruiser (good thing she wasn't a psycho killer) where he keeps her for nearly TWENTY MINUTES--he even turned off his flashers. I'm like, boy this stop sure is taking a long time. I can see them in the passenger side just having a grand ol' time.

She actually comes back to the car smiling. I asked her what was that all about and if she got the ticket--yup, $200. Apparently, what took so long was Officer Pimp, was asking all kinds of crazy questions:

"Is that your husband?"
"So you help take care of him?"
"Do you live with him?"
"How did he get hurt?"
"Why are you guys traveling so far?"
"Were you born in W. Virginia?"
"Why did you move to Atlanta?"
...and so on.

It didn't bother me because she and I are just really good friends. She said he could tell he was trying to figure out how close we really were. He even proceeded to tell her as she was getting out of his car to drive a little slower as she was "precious cargo." I told her should have used those feminine wiles to try and get out of that ticket.

I guess had we actually been a real couple I should have been kinda pissed, huh?