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Thread: great white vs orca

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    Poor sharks.

    There is a long history of dolphin attacks on sharks, based on butting the delicate gill pouches of sharks (Source), something that the U.S. Navy trained bottlenose dolphins to do to large sharks.

    In the wild, however, sharks and dolphins usually leave each other alone. According to the above article, 75% of wild dolphins have shark scars and many scientists have reported pulling dolphin remains form the stomachs of sharks. So, it is probably not true that dolphins are predators of sharks. It is likely to be the other way around.


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    I have been up close and personal with killer whales when I was a commercial fisherman in Alaska way back when. We saw a pod get a sea lion once. It was a little frightening actually. They used to swim under our boat which was a two man skiff with a 40hp outboard. It was a bit worrisome at times. But yea, never any problems.

    We caught a couple of porpoises in our nets. We ate one and gave the other to some natives that lived nearby. It wasnt too bad. Sort of liverish. Two of us pulled the suckers in the boat which was quite a feat.

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