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Thread: Insurance actually covers hand controls costs??

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    Insurance actually covers hand controls costs??

    I was pretty shocked the other day when my State Farm insurance agent advised me that State Farm actually would cover the cost of the vehicle modifications on my car. I pay out of pocket, of course, and they actually reimburse me the full cost after I provide receipts. I don't mind as long as I get my money back.

    I'm glad because vocational rehab was going to have me jump through hoops to get it done--not too mention it would take forever! One less issue to deal with...

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    um... insurance coverage on new equipment and the agency paying for the equipment are two different things. I'd take a second look at the details.

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    hey wheelie i have state farm in illinois they never said anything about reimersement just pay more for insurance to cover the adaptions maybe it varies from states
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    Oh I hear you Scott, but they are paying for the actual equipment and installation--not equipment policy coverage. It was taken to underwriting and somehow the mods were covered underneath a bodily injury loss clause. I asked every question I needed to and there are no catches to it. I just provide the receipts and I am good to go. At least I won't lose what will probably amount to $1200 to $1500 bucks, which are highway robbery costs if you ask me.

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    huh... well if that's the case, that's awesome.

    just get it in writing...

    ...and scan/post a copy of the document here

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    My agent is coming by the house on next Thursday for an appointment and I'll ask him to bring it then. I'm sure not trying to get stuck with the bill. I put the question out to them, and they had to check with underwriting. It took them a week to get back to me with an answer, but it was certainly what I needed to hear.

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    No way in hell that State Farm is going to pay for vehicle modifications!

    Get the hell out of here!

    Get real!


    State Farm covering vehicle modifications?

    No shit?

    I've been with State Farm for for nearly 16 years now and I haven't heard anything like that!

    Are you trying to pull our legs on this string topic?

    I pulled out my State Farm insurance card and telephoned my agent. It was the first he heard of this? He took my telephone number and said, "I'll call you back in a few minutes!" I said to myself, "Yeah right! A few minutes." I said, "Wait! Wait! Wait before you hang up! Will State Farm pay for hand controls? Swivel seat base? Wheelchair lift and a remote starter on a new vehicle?" He said, "Let me get back with you on this."

    So, hmmm, time ticks away. Tick, tick, tick, ...

    Well about 15 minutes later my telephone rings

    Guess who?

    My insurane agent from State Farm. I made sure my seat belt was tightened.

    He told me, "Yes! Vehicle modications are now covered. If you need a lift, hand controls, swivel seat base and remote starter it is covered." But he also said, "That increases the value of your vehicle increasing your rates."

    It's about time someone is looking out for us!

    Not bad!

    Made my day!

    Thanks for the valuable information!


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    I'm already covered on two adapted vehicles through Nationwide, but if State Farm is really doing this w/o any strings attached, I'll switch just b/c they deserve the business for stepping up to the plate to help out like this.

    Of course rates will go up w/ increased value - this happens anyway.

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    Anyone know if geico will cover this now too? I'd love to get a little bitty cheapo manual chair lift for the back of my SUV.

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    Lucky you...and thats great to hear. I'm in the 9th month of waiting for voc rehab to help pay for my vehicle modifications. I think part of the problem is my counselor though. She doesn't seem to eager to help me with anything...considering I've initiated everything so far.

    I've finally gotten the attention of a few people above her, and now things seem to be moving along better.

    Take care,


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