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Thread: Intravesical Botox Injections

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    Anytime I drink a carbonated beverage, whether it has caffiene in it or not, I have accidents for hours.

    Botox combined with Toviaz pills has helped with the daytime accidents, but nothing has helped the nighttime accidents, and my uro told me that there isn't much left he can do, especially since I am getting 900mls of fluid put through me via feeding pump every night. That's like drinking a glass of water every 2-3 hours during the middle of the night. My uro told me that if the Botox and Toviaz decide to fail after a while, he'd recommend a urostomy for me, since I do not have a large intestine anymore. He said that it would be too big of a risk for short bowel syndrome if he used my small intestine for an augmentation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by crags View Post
    never do botox in an office w/o anesthesia

    did it once and was very frightened, i felt a stroke could have been not far away if he hadn't finished, took it right to the edge

    bad move on my part, bad judgement on the md's part
    I don't think that is universally true.

    I had botox done for the first time, and they wanted to put me out, but I convinced them to just put the IV in and they can hit me with anesthesia if something starts to go wrong. It went by like a breeze (well as breezy as anything can go with a half dozen people poking things into your penis).

    Next time I will defnitiely try to do it at the Drs Office. That will save several hours of waiting, and loads of money I imagine.

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    I have MS and part of my symptoms is an unstable bladder.

    Initially I could control this with intermittent self catheterisation.

    However this became impossible so many years later I had a supra-pubic catheter fitted under a general anaesthetic.

    Recently my bladder was starting to spasm which meant that my catheter could'nt drain away the urine fast enough which meant I had frequent accidents.

    My Uru-Gynaecologist suggested intravesical botox and I had this done under general anaesthetic last Friday, 3rd September 2010.

    I am pleased to say that this has stopped my spasms and I haven't had an accident since.

    I don't know how long it will last as I understand it needs to be done repeatedly every 6 - 9 months.

    Will keep you informed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anastacia49 View Post
    I don't know how long it will last as I understand it needs to be done repeatedly every 6 - 9 months.]
    Mine lasted about 5 months. I really really like botox, but I don't know if I am going to do it again. The main reason is that I can't get an appointment for another injection for 3 months. So it has to stop working, then I have to get an appointment to be evaluated, then I have to get an appointment for the procedure, then I'm messed up for a week and half after the procedure. It's not really a fix, with all the down time between when it stops working and when you can get it again, it is pretty much half on half off for me, so I might as well not spend all that money on it...

    kinda frustrating since it works really good with no side effects, but I guess they won't let you schedule these things ahead of time.

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    There are dozens of posts on this website about bladder botox injections and you can read them by searching this site for "bladder botox."

    I had bladder botox injections 4 times. The first time worked great for about 8 months. (I don't drink coffee or caffeinated beverages so I don't have experience to share with you there). The next botox procedure effects lasted for about 5 months, and treatments 3 and 4 were minimally, if at all effective.
    I have not heard anyone speak, nor have I read any reports of the effects of bladder botox building up over time, much to the contrary.

    I too was faced with taking the next step in bladder management, and ileovesicostomy and Mitrofanoff procedures with or without bladder augmentation were discussed and strongly promoted by the neurogenic urology surgeon with whom I consulted . These are very BIG surgeries. I preferred to take a "baby steps" approach, suggested by my primary care physician and general urologist to finding a new bladder management method by getting a supra pubic catheter (SP). This is a simple and reversible procedure. The SP procedure is done in an out patient setting. A puncture/incision just above the pubic bone through the abdomen to the bladder creates a stoma. A foley catheter is used to drain urine into a lower leg, thigh, or belly bag. I had the SP inserted at the end of June 2010 and have never looked back. If someday, this is no longer working for me and I have to face a bigger procedure, I still have that as an option. But, for now, I am perfectly happy with the results and new found freedom from, what was for me, numerous catheterizations every day around the clock, interrupting my daily activities and sleep.

    All the best,
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