Hey Folks....I haven't been around here long and can't find any mention of anybody here having these injections.....in the bladder. Not that I've got a wrinkly bladder. Some months after leaving the spinal unit I started peeing my tweeds on a regular basis. All manner of drugs were tried and although there was limited sucess it was not enough to guarantee dry pants between caths. My urologist mentioned this procedure which is done under a local anasthetic, not that I could feel anything, but he didn't want an spasm to result in my foot in his mouth. Botox is injected into the bladder wall in approx 32 different spots. In effect this paralyses the bladder and prevents bladder spasm and the subsequent involuntary emptying of the same. I have had 2 procedures, the first one lasting 8 months, the secong lasting 9 months. I am due to go in for my 3rd procedure any day now.

It works a treat and for some reason I don't get bladder infections at all until the botox wear off....apart from the intermittent appearance of a map of Australia on my pants, another sign the botox is wearing off is the return of bladder infections...Damned if me and the Dr can figure out what/where/how/why the infections and the botox are linked...but they certainly seem to be...

I have also noticed that my bladder has a sensitivity to coffee when the botox is nearing the end of its effect. Have a cup of coffee and it irritates the bladder and out she comes...Quite common I'm lead to believe..

The botox is hoped to have a building up effect, in that it lasts longer and longer the more often the procedure is performed...

Anyway, my question/s..

  1. Does anybody else here have this procedure?
  2. Has anybody else suffered from drink coffee/pee your pants syndrome?
  3. Does anybody have any thoughts on the botox/bladder infection scenario or is it possibly just a coincidence?

Great little community here guys....I hope to hang around in here for a while

Take Care