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Thread: Ricci Kilgore (found a cure)

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    Quote Originally Posted by patricks
    If it looks like sh1t, smells like sh1t, then it must be sh1t.. The gullibility of posters on this site, very amusing..

    gullibility and a willingness to at least listen are 2 different things.

    how many people have read this thread and are now rushing out to get this procedure?

    I didn't understand the hostility in this thread or where it was coming from and now people are saying it stems from some sort of weird jealousy and I hope thats not true because if it is thats pretty lame. the issues that come with sci...

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    Jealous of what? I don't understand that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    Jealous of what? I don't understand that one.

    I didnt either.

    and honestly you don't seem to be jealous. but some people appear angry and hostile for apparently no reason. anyway, I'm done with this thread. I doubt theres anything else informative we will get out of.

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    17 pages! Ricci was braver to share (keyword being share) her experience with this group than going to a different country for her procedure. If standing on my head for days on end was the cure for my SCI level T-4/T-5 Incomplete, lest I be slain for not stating the facts and my 18 key strokes...Can't say I'd be bold enough to say a word, especially in this group here. Mean, just plain mean. And why? There's a right way and a wrong way of "asking" questions. It's not "shoot first ask questions later" is it?

    And if you haven't figured out by now that being injured/sick isn't big business you will soon. I pay my doctors car payments Denalis aren't cheap and after 6 1/2 years (more facts) I've almost got it paid off. Horror sells not heart warming stories. Think about how difficult it was to find out the first time you had to information on getting a chair, what meds to take for what, how your body MAY react?

    So before the name calling commences, I'll risk adding one more thing...To those with tact (Eric S. for instance) in approaching others with questions and comments - Thank you. I'm off to go stand up for a little bit - I heard it helps with retaining bone density. Sorry, that was 2 things. Oh and I do believe this is the first the word "sorry" has been used in this thread.

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    Iwould like to speak with Ricci Kilgore..Please would you contact me.I would like to ask you a couple questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trout
    The truth about stem cell treatment is hidden because politics control medicine, not cures. Also I get around the FDA by leaving the country for my treatments.

    Ricci Kilgore

    Hi my name is Amber I went over to the dominican republic and visited with Dr.Rader on March 29,2008..I know that you were a T-12 I am a T-7 I wanted to know if you had feeling or anything noticeable before you had the stem cell or how long after you recieved the injections that it took for anything to come back and what was the first thing that came back? Do you think truthfully that because my injury is different from yours and higher that I will see any results...I only had it done one time I have 3 children and I am a single mother I want to go back and have another treatment Do you have any suggestions on how to raise money so I may go back because my children need a whole mother one that can provide for them I don't believe I am doing a good job at this time.....


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    That is an excellent article. Much more informative than they usually are.

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    amazing story! I can't comment on the factors behind Ricci's improvement or motivation to advertise for Medra but i can say that I know of several peole that have SCI that traveled to the Dominican Republic to receive treatment by William Rader after the flood of Ricci Kilgore articles and youtube of Ricci testifying before the Texas State capitala. Magazine ETC.

    NO one I PERSONALLY KNOW HAD ANY -NOT AN OUNCE- of improvement.

    So I looked into Ricci's story a little closer, who was the uncle that recommended her to go to Medra. Found him in this article .

    A closer look at James Forsythe.OH MY! Remind me to not seek treaments in Nevada!

    Look at this cast of characters. Ricci's mom works for the uncle. He is accused of horrible fraud like falsely telling a patient he had cancer and charging for hocus pocus treatment.

    As my mother always said birds of a feather flock together.

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    I am in no way implying that Ricci Kilgore is a fraud. I think she is an amazing hard working athlete. I am just talking about the doctors that seem suspicious.

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