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Thread: Question on Submitting Medicare Paperwork

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    Question on Submitting Medicare Paperwork

    I recently have been dealing with a pressure sore and need to change my game plan to attempt to solve this problem. Along with changing my weight shift technique, I am planning on a different cushion.

    Another member was kind enough to provide this info. Posted it again in case others are experiencing p sores.

    Who here knows the procedure on submitting the paperwork/procedure to contact medicare to order the new cushion. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I located this code page:

    I have a wound care specialist scheduled for a visit. Do they write me the prescription? How does the process work, for those of you who know. Thanks so much in advance.

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    It is best if you can deal with a vendor who will do the Medicare paperwork for you. You will need both a prescription and a letter of medical justification. If your wound care specialist is a physician, they can write it (or just sign one you right). If they are a nurse, they will need to get a physician to do it.


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