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Thread: Need help with power chair back

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    Question Need help with power chair back

    I just got a new Invacare Arrow Storm Series power chair after having another Invacare power chair for the last 6-7 years. My old chair didn't give me any problems, but the back on this new one is causing the two small boney areas on each side of my tailbone (my lower back) to turn red and now one side has a small skin break. My DME company has already added more padding to that area after my first round of problems, but it looks like that's not working. Both chairs are tilt and recline, but the backs have different materials covering them. I wouldn't think this should be a problem though. Does anybody know of something else I can try to help with pressure in my lower back area? I'm pretty boney there, but didn't have these problems in my old chair. There must be something that will fix it. Thanks for your help.

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    you may have to adjust your seat base a little foward. i was getting a red mark because i had my seat tilted back a few degrees, so i had to make it more level.

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    You mentioned they added a layer. Is it memory foam? If not, I'd have it exchanged for memory foam.

    If you have multiple layers of foam you can make a cut-out in the top layer of foam in the area that's causing pressure just as long as there's padding behind the cut-out area for reclining.

    If not, you can add 2 1/2" to 1" think rectangles, say 3" by 4" to either side of the bottm of you seat back that are separated wide enough to allow the pressure areas to be centered in the "hole".

    Hope this is clear enough and one of these works for ya.

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