I have a pair of such boots that came with my Power Trainer, which I purchased way back in 1994. I am familiar with the problem you describe Dave. Even with high boots I have had a similar problem. The boots that come with the Power Trainer have a few drawbacks. They are one size fits all, so rather large. BEcause of this, my legs move around in them causing my knees to often hit the center of the bike. Also, the velcro straps that hold my legs in end up rubbing my shins, sometimes causing burns. So, I have to put socks or some soft material between my leg and the straps. Once I start cranking, they often come loose. Keep this in mind if you try to track down a pair of these for your bike. They may not be the solution you want. I hope to fix this problem myslef as I find the benefits of using the bike worth the trouble. Good luck!