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Thread: some hope with signs of spring

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    some hope with signs of spring

    Things have been very difficult lately but today finally something good happened. That good thing was that at one point today the temperature reached nineteen degrees Celsius. I know that is not so warm compared to other places. But we just had a winter full of snow and ice and grey skies that seemed to last for weeks and made it feel like the sun would never shine again. So to go from that to this within a short time period is something special. For the first time ever the winter weather affected my moods. Or at least this is the first time I have noticed it. It was hard to get out of my inner depression when the outside world was so grey and cold. Today though I went outside and it was warm and the sun was shining and the sky was more blue than I can remember it being. I think I have never really looked at the sky and noticed that before. There is still some snow and ice around but this is the first day that I have felt some hope in a long time about anything. And even if it is just that winter is on the way out it was still something to hold onto. So I was enjoying being outside so much I decided to go to my favorite tea shop a place I have not been to since before my injury. And this was good because lately going out places has been not a good thing and I was feeling like I wanted to avoid it altogether and just stay home especially after some bad recent experiences. But it was so nice I did not want to go back into my apartment. I went to the tea shop. And the owners remembered me and were very nice about finding a way to get me inside and to be comfortable while I was there. And it was not so bad maybe even made up for some bad times out lately. I sat on the patio drinking tea and people watching and thinking that maybe winter ending will bring better things. We sometimes get snow into May so it is not likely this weather will last. I am sure by next week it will be below zero with snow again and this good feeling will go away. But for today things seemed a bit more hopeful than since before I was hurt. Sorry if this is rambling. I am still dealing with effects from a recent head injury but I am hoping the spelling and grammar check picked up all the mistakes.

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    Hey OJ;

    Good to hear you got out for some tea and a bit of spring. I am in SF. It is a beautiful spring day here as well. Noah and I attended a conference on stem cells and met with other advocates for lunch.

    He had lunch and a long conversation with Brock Reeve, CR's brother. We left early as Noah could not sleep last night due to a bad cold. But, we are heading back to the reception after a nap.

    It is wonderful to hear you are feeling good.

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    I think the spring always brings hope and a sense of renewal. This winter has been especially bad for my husband too. It is just so difficult to get out. This weekend it warmed up here a little too. My husband was able to sit outside and watch the boys play basketball. We are longing for the warm spring days, the flowers, the green grass, and the leaves on the trees. Spring in Indiana is the best. Before you know it, you will be putting on the sun screen and working on a tan. I am glad to see that you are feeling better.


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    I too am looking forward to spring. My daughter saw a robin yesterday, and the temps are warming up (50+ F today) so there is hope. My injury was in the winter, so combining that with the cold and ice, i really don't enjoy winter anymore. I also just hit the 2 year mark, and I think that is depressing me too ..... everyone kept saying that patients can get return back for up to 2 years.

    Come on Spring!

    (And welcome back OJ, your post sounds much more like you!)
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    Last Monday itwas -40 c (-40f). Today it was 5 (45f). Spring is comin baby! Wooooo!

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    Hmmm...I remember all you told me about that tea glad you took yourself there...

    I love tea, cold, any way you can make it, I love it...

    Glad you are feeling better....and glad the sun is shining...

    Take care, and God bless...and one of these days, we will have to BOTH have tea at the same time over a good chat...

    Love ya!


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    Glad to hear you got out and are feeling better. We're expecting record highs here tomorrow with signs of the change of seasons everywhere. I hope everything continues looking up.
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    Ya Ijust heard the weather here in New Hampshire the next few days high 60's and maybe 70 , but then it's going to go back to the 30's , I wish it would make up it's mind and stay warm

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    I too had tea outside in the sunshine. The winter monsoons let up for a sunny day in Vancouver. With the sunshine came the first cherry blossoms. The next four weeks will be spectacular if the rain doesn't wash them all away.

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    Yahooo .... ..... I hear ya' sister ........ look at it this way OJ .... if it stayed the same year round we'd have nothing to look forward to and nothing to talk about !

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