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Thread: WindowsVista PROBLEMS!!!

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    Question WindowsVista PROBLEMS!!!

    I was recently given a new Gateway Laptop with WindowsVista. When opening websites it acts like it's on dialup. My 6 year old, supposidly 4xs slower, 4xs less memory than the new one, kicks it's tail! I had them sitting side by side and the race was on.............the old-timer left the newbie in the dust. We thought maybe it has a security code that is making it so slow.............
    Any ideas, suggestions???
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    How about some specs on that? Model number, processor, ram, ect.. of both. IMHO, Vista is real buggy on some systems. I had it for awhile, then I did a reformat and tried to reinstall and it wouldn't install. Can't say much until I know more about what you got.

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    Yes, we definitely need more information. A computer with a Celeron processor, 512 MB of RAM, running Vista Basic, is going to be pretty pokey, among other things. If you are planning on using Vista then you should at least have Vista Home Premium, a Core 2 Duo (Core Duo or equivalent is OK), with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM. It would probably be better to have at least 2 GB of RAM because Vista is resource-hungry. Do a search for Windows Vista on this Forum for more information.

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