My son is a 33 y. o. C-5 incomplete, 6 mos post (Sept '06).
What are the probabilities of him being able to be independent, & to what degree?

At this point in time, he cannot intermittent cath
(he's considering a suprapubic !?)

or do any bp by himself. (Not enough wrist, hand or tenodesis function - we're hoping for more recovery, but that doesn't seem to be happening much. But there are many things he can do and has learned to do, but BC/BS, his med. ins. co., says he's 'plateaued', & won't authorize any more inpatient therapy. He does get some outpatient OT & PT, though)
He's been constantly plagued with UTI's since the beginning, when in the Shock Trauma unit @ about week 3 or 4, post - still on the vent. He was discharged from the rehab, off the vent, with an un UTI (in Dec. just before Xmas), & has had to go to the ER - 2 times for intense inpatient IV antibiotics (he's currently in an assisted facility with epididmitis, severe swelling- & a PICC line for intensive I.V. antibiotic therapy, for the next coupla wks).

He has had a family member be his caregiver, and seems to need constant care, having many needs attended to - on a very frequent basis.
Caring for him, at this point, is a 24/7 job, with scheduled needs, & minute-to-minute needs, cropping up frequently while he's awake- as well as his every 2 hour turning & every 4 hour med schedule when asleep.

He doesn't seem to have a 'comfort zone'. He always seems to be in discomfort of some sort & we're frustrated, not seeming to be able to make him more comfortable.

He doesn't seem to be able to really grasp his situation and puts himself at risk doing
seemingly 'minor' things that can have complications
(and sometimes have - AD, infection situations, accidents, etc).
He doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with him, except that
he's 'just paralyzed'.

Other than that he thinks he's 'just fine', & is very stubborn about it.
He's determined to be independent, but isn't able to function well enough to be so.
He's not careful, he's even reckless – medically & physically.
We have to be his watchful, ever vigilant, guardians of his health, and well being.
He doesn't seem to want to be bothered with that aspect
(and seems rely on us, to do so).

He's just a 'damned the torpedoes....full speed ahead' ....person.
What does his future hold (I know none of us are 'fortune tellers')?

But what can we realistically look forward to ?
We know he doesn't want to be.....but
will he (being a C-5)-
have to be constantly cared & attended to?