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Thread: An Array microphone for Dragon Speak v 9

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    An Array microphone for Dragon Speak v 9

    In the last few years with dragon speak v9 s/w and the price of RAM coming down and the speed of the processors gone up voice recognition is now a reality. Don’t know if DS gets any more speed from dual processors or not but version 9 with a p4 3gig and 2560 mb of RAM works well enough for me.

    Decided to replace the half gig modules with a 2 gig pair and upgrade the box later.

    The problem now is the microphone. It’s a Blue Parrot USB which works intermittently and right now I’m typing with my right thumb knuckle because either the microphone is broken or I’m really dumb. I know which is more likely but may need to replace the Blue Parrot anyway. This time I want an array microphone. Had one years ago in the 90’s and it did not work well enough for me.

    Has the technology advanced enough to produce an array mic that works with DS? I mean work well, as well as the Blue Parrot?

    Me and Fred share the house and she usually sleeps, so my room is quiet and I will be 2’ or less from the mic.

    If so what array mic do you recommend for DS?

    If you can not recommend an array, what microphone do you suggest?

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    This thread has a good discussion about Array microphones. Martin makes the point that the Array microphone will never be as accurate as a good headset or a handheld microphone used properly.

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    I strongly recommend the InSync Buddy Flamingo USB microphone. It has a high rate of accuracy if placed 6" directly in front of you and does not pick up normal ambient noises.

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