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Thread: what is taking so long Dr young?

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    and if tomorrow we have a phase I clinical study in which a quad with complete injury can walk, how long can take until it's world wide available?

    a true method not one made just for money....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherry
    Wise puts up with more than I sure would. Most here who get on his case wouldn't have the bare faced cheek to do it face to face. 'Beauty' of the internet I guess. I hold no affinity to any one researcher but I do know that none of them are accountable to us. We are not investors - they owe us no answers. O.k so an exception being if you are awarding a grant for example, which, in such an instance intricate questions would be dealt with behind closed doors, not on a public forum.

    We should be thankful for the few that have the decency to entertain our questions. I for one would keep tight-lipped and avoid any public speeches, press conferences and the like if this is an indication of the abuse I could expect.
    Could not be said in a more clear and succinct manner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spidergirl

    What does this mean?

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    being on this site from june last year i learned so much about sci.we all should respect dr.wise and his team.if we go to ask any doc for help we got charged.this site is free.
    thank you dr.young.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    Thanks in return. Your post makes me feel better, that I am not wasting time.

    You are not wasting your time. I am sure most of us here appreciate everything you do. Please don't give up on us, just because a small number of detractors are taking their frustrations out on you.
    Step up, stand up for:

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