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    candy bars

    how bad is it, or is it bad at all to eat alot of candy bars? what i mean is, is it bad for the bladdar and getting UTI's? i usually eat one every night while im lying in bed watchin tv and i recently am having leaks and im trying to trace back to what ive been doing different since my last one over 6 months ago. thank you for your help

    Josh Stevens
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    Unless you have diabetes, there should not be any correlation between your bladder and the candy bar BUT...

    Weight gain can be a big downer for SCI people: what you can do at your present weight you might not be able to do with 30 or 40 extra pounds. It's hard for SCI people to lose weight because it's hard to do aerobic exercise.

    Also SCI folks seem to be more susceptible to Type II diabetes (used to be called adult onset, but now kids are getting it). It relates to weight and lifestyle and is a bummer in itself.

    Sooooo, it might be better to eat fresh fruit or carrot sticks, or even a bit of cheese and crackers rather than a candy bar.

    You have been duly nagged.


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    You eat a candy bar every night? Holy crap! If I eat just one, even before my SCI, I wear I weigh an extra 5 lbs. the next day!

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Are the candy bars chocolate? Many find that the caffeine in chocolate causes irritability and increased spasticity of their bladder. Try RAB's suggestions and see if this does not improve.


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    instead of candybars. get protien bars. detour=snickers, joyride=mounds bar and uturn=milky way. these are by designer protien, they are awesome

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    I dont have any medical advice for you but if you cant even enjoy something as simple as a candy bar everyday after sci then whats the point?

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    If you suspect the chocolate, another thing you can try is to go off it completely for a week or two and see if you improve. That might give you your answer...then you would need to figure out how to moderate your intake if not quit.

    My husband is one year post-injury this week. He has trouble with chocolate too...he just eats less of it. Can you try eating half the candy bar? Or switching off alternate nights with fruit or another snack?

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