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Thread: LifeWave bed sore treatment

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    LifeWave bed sore treatment

    saw this posted on engadget and thought it maybe useful for any one with bed sores. sorry if its a repost, i ran a search but couldn't find anything.

    Patients suffering from bed sores may find a glimmer of hope in LifeWave's new non-invasive BST (Bed Sore Treatment) device. It aims to speed healing in stubborn bed sores and similar ulcers by stimulating tissues around the site with a current that mimics the natural electrical activity found in a "normal wound." The nervous system then recognizes the pulse as a natural signal to promote healing in necrotic tissue. Pilots have already begun in Europe and clinical trials have been scheduled in prelude to official marketing of the Israeli-based startup's technology in the US.

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    Thanks for posting this .. curious about cost. I've dispatched an email.
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    Electrical stim has been used for some time to aid in pressure ulcer healing. It is an adjunct to good wound care and keeping the pressure off the area. The primary way it helps is by stimulating blood flow to the area. I am not sure about the legitimacy of their other claims.


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