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Thread: New injury with C1-2 and T5 fractures

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    Six months ago I broke my C1,C2 and T5 in a horse jumping accident...I have screws in my neck holding my head on. My T5 was crushed but allowed to heal on its own with a brace for four months. Miraculously I am an incomplete with use of everything! But, I have other issues: tingling everywhere (mostly in palms), stiff torso and feel the weakest in my arms, but not enough to keep me from moving normally...I feel lucky and blessed, but was wondering if anyone knew of anything that could help push me past these last few impairments...I have taken 4AP and currently on Baclofen.

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    You are stea heaing and regenerating. Sometimes that tingling is a sign that the nerves are regenerating, You might still have some inflammation in your spinal nerves so try Naproxen oe Ibuporfen to see if they help.
    Unfortunately, the tingling can remain and worsen and become what we call neuropathic pain.There is medication fthat can hep that.


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