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Thread: Sediment in urine

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    Sediment in urine

    Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know what causes sandy sediment in urine causing a blockage and AD. Any ideas?
    Dan has an indwelling Foley cath.

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    A little help????

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    semen i believe

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    Lot's of things can contribute to sediment in the urine--the chemical environment in the body and the bladder and bacteria are the first two on my list. One possibility is to try bladder irrigations once a day where you use a big syringe to wash out the sediment from the bladder. Even if this were done just once in a while, I suspect you'd see a big improvement in the sediment.

    But don't try this at home, as they say, without being taught how to do it (face to face). It is possible to hurt someone with an unskilled bladder irrigation. Discuss this with your doctor or a nurse.


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    i notice it when i eat stachy foods

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    I think janky caths. caused mine. Irrigation will help. Acetic acid .25%, 120cc.

    My phat site (Not SCI related)

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    i have a foley also. i noticed more sediment w/medication,tylenol, uroligist said to irragate w/50cc of something he perscribed.

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    Lots of things can be contributing to sediment, as SCI nurse stated. can you identify when there seems to be incresed sediment/clogging of cath and if that corresponds to any changes in routine, meds, diet etc? Also, could me time of day there appears to be greater clogging - ie early morning?

    With an inswelling catheter, there is going to be sediment and blockage of cath with sediment/mucous. Regular irrigation with saline and/or acedic acid can help clear/flush out cath and bladder, and drinking lots of water as well.

    I had indwelling until a few years ago, and experienced a LOT of sediment and daily blockage of caths, creating frequent back-up and AD. Irrigation helped, but was temporary, esp if didn't have consistent high fluid intake.

    Regular irrigation may be something to consult with nurse, especially flushing in mornings (when urine is less clear after night of not drinking) and when urine appears more cloudy, thick and darker in color, and/or when he experiences AD symtoms..

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    1. starchy foods ex: baked potatoes, french fries, ect..
    2. lubricant in the opening hole
    3. semen
    4. UTI comin on

    and thats what i know so far that ive come across....

    Josh Stevens
    T6 para as of 7/17/03

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    friend says beer keeps his urine clear

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