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Thread: Coude vs 14 Fr vs 12 Fr Catheters

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    Coude vs 14 Fr vs 12 Fr Catheters

    I normally use 14 Fr coude catheters. However, there have been several posts that indicate that you shouldn't use coude caths unless you absolutely have to. Plus, they are expensive (about $6.50/catheter). When I use a regular 14Fr catheter I can get it to go in about 75% of the time. The other times it gets hung up around my prostate and nothing I do (more lube, change position, etc) will help it go in. I haven't tried 12 Fr caths. Would I be better off using a 12 Fr (assuming they work all of the time like the coude) instead of a coude tip? I appreciate comments - suggestions. Mike
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    Since the diameter is smaller the 12 french may work but thiere s something about that litte curve on the Coude' that makes it go in when the straight cath won't.Try getting a free sample of a 12 Fr. & try it.


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